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Jac5 is a brand with a sense of humour, and this is reflected in everything we do. The ‘brand identity’ is driven by Jim’s 5 much loved and incredibly spoilt pet Jack Russell terriers. Loyal, super smart and at times barking mad, the personality traits of Jim’s dogs have been a guiding influence (and a guiding voice too - check out our online ‘dog blog’) in all that we have created. Loyal, the essence of a true gentleman; barking mad, often seen in his alter ego; and, without question, super smart (that’s why the jac5 man is so successful!).


  1. Holaaa!! me ha encantado conocer y encontrarme con tu blog!! QUE PASADAAA!! te sigo desde ya mismo... QUE ESTILAZOO!

    Un beso grande y espero poder verte pronto por la quinta avenida y si te gusta estaria encantada de que me siguieras también


  2. Oh I want some of those underwear !! Nivce blog and cool Lay out